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Airport Welcome Desk Program by iCent app Airport Welcome Desk (AWD)

The Airport Welcome program is a collaboration between Ontario post-secondary institutions and several municipalities; the operations are led by the iCent team.

Staff at the welcome booth greet international students exiting Customs and Immigration at the Arrivals level with a welcome package, offer assistance with transportation, accommodation, provide free calls home to inform family, and other helpful services. The program also provides access to iCent app that students can use prior to arrival; this app offers key information to help students get started in Canada.

By providing a warm welcome and guidance to new students arriving in Canada, the Airport Welcome partnership aims to attract and retain more international students, and enhance the profile of Ontario’s cities as highly desirable international learning destinations in Canada.

  • Shuttle & Transit Information
  • Airport Wi Fi & Refreshments
  • Banking & Currency Info
  • Orientation & Campus Info
  • Accommodation & Hotel Information
  • Accessibility & Baggage Claims


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iREP program by iCent app iREP

iREP meaning iCent Representative, is an employment generation initiative by iCent that aims at providing experience gaining volunteer and paid work opportunities for domestic and international students. iREP's work at various campuses on behalf of iCent taking care of networking events happening on campus, feedback sessions, group discussions, iCent ventures program, contests and more. Qualifying iREP’s who have international or study abroad experience also qualify to work with iCent at various international airports to meet and greet newly arriving international students and foreign delegates under the iCent Airport Welcome Desk banner.

Skills that students again as iREP along side earning and networking include:

  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Event Management
  • Professional Writing
  • Project Coordination
  • Document Management

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