International Students

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iCent app for International Students International Students

iCent acts as a digital hand-book that guides International Students from the moment of their acceptance into the program until the day they graduate by providing information delivered by their institution’s International Centre . The app also has multiple tools that are designed to help students acclimatize to their new environment within their smartphone.

iCent provides all the important information in form pre-departure & post arrival checklists which helps students in keeping track of all the important tasks to do before and after arriving in their destination country. The app helps Students throughout their day as it includes:

  • Academic Information
  • Events and Activities
  • Health Insurance tools
  • Push Notifications
  • Document Submission
  • Campus Maps

Study Abroad Students

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iCent app for Study Abroad Students Study Abroad Students

Study Abroad programs help students gain foriegn experience while learning about new cultures and perspectives in their field of study. iCent app promotes internationalization and provides all the necessary tools and information to students who travel abroad to pursue their studies. iCent has created different features that help students throughout their journey, following are few of feature that iCent OUTBOUND suite covers:

  • Travel Registration Forms
  • Document Submission
  • Pre-Departure Preparations
  • Health Insurance Tools
  • Emergency Check in
  • Sharing Travel Blogs


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iCent app for Newcomers Newcomers

Newcomer agencies use the iCent app to serve newcomers and provide them virtual tools and services for better assistance. Newcomers can access multiple tools and information anywhere and anytime using their smartphones in their preferred language. The app is easy to use and makes it simple to navigate any information and was designed keeping all age groups in consideration. Following are the features that newcomers cn access using the app:

  • Acclimatization Tools
  • Appointment Booking
  • Multilingual Content
  • Immigration Information
  • Document Submission
  • FAQ Documents

Conference Delegates

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iCent app for Conference Delegates Conference Delegates

iCent app is used by several Communities and Organizations to deliver information to delegates during conferences. The app helps ease accessing information configured by the management teams. iCent has designed iCent EVENTS to meet all the needs of Conference delegates of all ages. Following are few of the features that iCent EVENT suite covers:

  • Digital Program Guide
  • Instant and on-time Alerts
  • Bookmarking Sessions
  • Delegate and Presenter’s Information
  • Venue Details
  • Feedback Forms

Corporate Employees

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iCent app for Corporate Employees Corporate Employees

Leveraged by many communities and organizations, the iCent app is a one-stop shop for organizations to streamline operations post-pandemic. iCent has packaged the following ecosystem of technology tools to help organizations create value and ensure safety for their stakeholders:

  • Instant COVID-19 outbreak alerts
  • Employee screening tools
  • Audio and Video calling
  • Workspace reservation management
  • Automatic reporting and analytics
  • Document collection and verification

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