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iCent Arrival iCent ARRIVAL

For newcomers and arriving international students

iCent ARRIVAL is designed for Institutes who want to serve newly arriving international students and assists them with the basic information and tools for acclimatization using the iCent app.

The app will assist them with preparations for their journey and offer key information to help students get started in Canada.

Following are the services included in this plan:

  • Pre & Post arrival checklists
  • Airport Arrival forms to collect student’s arrival information
  • Chat support tool
  • Transportation and Accommodation information
  • Orientation information and acclimatization tools


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iCent Newbie iCent NEWBIE

For first year international students

iCent NEWBIE acts as a digital handbook of the institution. It guides international students through every step from acceptance of the program until completion of their first year in that particular institution – uploading their study permits, providing a pre-departure checklist, providing a registration checklist, timetable and collecting emergency contact information. Other features are geared at assisting students to settle, helping with needs such as residency, grocery shopping, banking, telecom and places of worship once they arrive in their destined country.

Following are the features included in this plan

  • Pre-arrival information
  • Post-arrival information
  • Health insurance
  • "How to's" such as banking, shopping, etc. with corresponding Google maps & much more
  • Local transportation
  • Time table access
  • Push notifications
  • Interactive campus & community maps

iCent CARE

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iCent Care iCent CARE

For international students from orientation through graduation

This app is for new international students from their acceptance to until their graduation. iCent app helps students become acclimated to academic and social life offering information all in the student’s native language iCent app provides just in time information that makes students' life easier.

Samples of information can be included as

  • Pre-arrival information
  • Post-arrival information
  • Academic information
  • Social life information
  • Career opportunities
  • Event & activities registration
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Push notifications
  • Interactive campus & community maps


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iCent Abroad iCent ABROAD

For study abroad and exchange program students

This app has become a go-to communications tool for supporting international study abroad activities, including work integrated learning outside of the institution. iCent app provides safety and security related information and protects from harm or other non-desirable outcomes.

iCent app also provides emergency check in to students where students can quickly notify their parent institution about their safety status.

Samples of information can be included as

  • Guides for exploring global study and work opportunities
  • Step-by-step application process for global study and work opportunities
  • Information on Student Travel Bursary
  • Resources to support students before travel, while abroad, and returning home – including travel logistics, health and wellness, crisis support, reflective learning activities, and identifying/marketing global skills and knowledge
  • A packing checklist with travel tips for each item
  • “Check-In” feature for students to quickly notify of safety status
  • Travel tools (world clock, weather info, currency converter, maps, translator, and more)
  • Upload form for sharing stories and photos from abroad
  • Contact information

iCent DMS

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iCent DMS iCent DMS

For international office to manage partnerships and MOUs

This plan is designed for institutions to safely store and manage all their user’s data using iAdmin portal. All the data collected from users can be accessed easily using different tools such as search, sort and filter and can be exported in preferred formats. iAdmin portal can also be integrated with the other softwares used by institutions to allow easy flow of information.

Following are some of the documents that can be collected by users

  • Immigration Documents
  • Passport
  • Health Card
  • Application Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Assessment Forms


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iCent Travel Registry iCent TRAVEL REGISTRY

For international office risk management with study abroad

This plan allows students to register for their program abroad using the iCent app and web platforms. Institutions can collect all the required information and documents from the applicants. Users can save the progress of their application and come back at different times to finish the form. All the information collected can be accessed, edited and updated anytime by the Institution staff using the iAdmin portal.

Following is the information and documents that can be collected using iCent Travel Registration:

  • Accommodation
  • Health Insurance
  • Passport
  • Emergency Contact
  • Host Information
  • Immigration Documents
  • Visa/Permit


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iCent Newcomer iCent NEWCOMER

For community based settlement agencies and government

iCent app provides just in time information that makes newly arriving immigrants' life easier. iCent app covers all the immigration information, immigrants can upload required immigration documents to the settlement agencies via iCent app, helps new immigrants with education, job opportunities, local community, workplaces, and acclimatize to social life by providing all the necessary information like education, job opportunities, local community, workplaces, and etc.

iCent an acclimatization tool helps newcomers to adjust to the new life by providing necessary information like education, job opportunities, local community, workplaces, and etc. iCent app covers all the immigration information, immigrants can upload required immigration documents to the settlement agencies via app.

Following is the information that can be delivered using iCent NEWCOMER

  • Pre-arrival information
  • Post-arrival information
  • Health insurance
  • Education
  • Push notifications
  • Local community
  • Local transportation
  • Job opportunities
  • Local news
  • Calendar scheduling


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iCent Community iCent COMMUNITY

For community service providers helping newcomers

This plan covers most of the features offered by iCent and offers users a complete set of tools and information to help them in various activities during their day to day life.

Samples of information can be included as

  • Academic and social life information
  • Connect with city
  • Connect with employment services


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iCent Event iCent EVENT

For internationalization events and conference organizers

iCent is the smartphone app designed taking into consideration not-for-profit, non-governmental membership organizations which are dedicated exclusively to internationalization. iCent app helps association engage members by sending instant and scheduled notifications. Promote information such as upcoming workshops, conferences, events along with the attendees, venue, and date details.

Collect RSVP and post event feedback for a particular event or conference. Information in the form of Info-graphics helps members to better understand an event or conference.

Samples of information can be included as

  • Conference details
  • Events and conference registration
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Push notifications
  • Sponsorship information
  • Alerts messages
  • Change in event schedule
  • Conference or event location with corresponding Google maps, & much more® iCent®

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iCent Ally® iCent®

Special edition of the iCent app sponsored by insurance Health Insurance International Insurance is an award-winning provider of international student health insurance. The iCent is a special edition app, custom designed for inbound international and study abroad offices. The app includes standard iCent features plus integrates into health insurance plans and support services, so international students could access their personal health insurance policies, family policies, make new claims, view history, track reimbursements and search for near by clinics anywhere in the world, all from within the iCent app. iCent app inclusions

  • Pre Arrival Information
  • Post Arrival Information
  • Health Insurance
  • Local Transportation
  • Event and Activity Registration
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • Push Notifications
  • Campus Maps
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