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Successfully helping international students and newcomers become acclimated to academic, work and social life
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Pre-Arrival Information

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Post-Arrival Information

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Health Insurance

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Local Transportation

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Events and Activities

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Push Notifications

iCent Products Products
The innovative iCent cloud solutions are acknowledged as the world’s leading internationalization mobile software suite and the #1 choice of international offices
iCent Programs Programs
iCent team successfully leads various programs to welcome, orient and engage newcomers and international students on campus and at the international airports
iCent Services Services
iCent Professional Services team provides third party custom software integrations, BI, AI reports and data analytics that supports leadership in effective decision making
iCent Consulting Consulting
iCent team consults on how to best implement the iCent proprietary internationalization framework through proven principles and technology solutions

iCent Key Benefits

iCent app Digital Strategies

Digital Strategy

Smartphones are ubiquitous as we know, more than 80% of the world population is now connected with each other via smartphones and more than half of digital content is now consumed on smartphones.

iCent app is specifically designed and built for international offices based on the concept of digitalizing handbook and making effective communication. iCent also addresses the need for internationalization with an underlying framework in place. Any manual and time consuming operations such as documentation collection can be automated as well, thus increasing staff productivity.

iCent app User Engagement

User Engagement

In the age of smartphones, emails are no longer a preferred way to engage an audience long term, leading to poor response rates. It’s time to rethink user engagement to be more effective, fun, productive and gamified.

Strategies used at international offices for user engagement pre-departure are not usually the same that may apply post-arrival, hence iCent suite is composed of a simple and unique feature library that lets you pick and choose different features at different times that best apply to the business needs. With iCent, staying on top of newcomer's and international student's success, well being, health, and engagement is simple and effective. With the power of push notifications, instant messaging, and an easy to use interface, your institution can make the most of your user engagement.

iCent app Business Analytics

Measure Success

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing business analytics and artificial intelligence is being able to identify the strengths and weaknesses to improve operational efficiency and enhance client support services.

iCent suite has proven to be a powerful tool helping the international office in transforming data into actionable intelligence. The iCent BI, AI, analytics and infographics presents facts and meaningful data that further aids the leadership team with effective decision making and addressing real gaps and challenges.

iCent app Easy Customization

Business Friendly

Business users are usually quite comfortable with composing emails, drafting news letters and creating presentations. We think, building an app should be within the realm of business activities too without needing one to learn programming.

The iCent Champion Dashboard does just that, where the champion can add amazing text and media, drag and drop, and publish content. The power and control remains with the international office, so you can take up things one at a time and make updates to the app design and content as you like and when you like. You can even interface the app with third party softwares that you are already using at your international office and institution.

How Does It Work?

Launching your institution app is a simple 3 steps process
Free Demo of iCent app
1 Demo

Get a free demo of the iCent platform; know your benefits, ROI and Q&A

Configuring the iCent app
2 Configuration

Make a decision and relax; we will set up the app for you in no time

Launch iCent app in no time
3 Launch

Customized marketing and promotional material designed


Jessica Barbet from Sault College International
Jessica Barbet
International Services Assistant, Sault College
This app in the few days that we have been up and running has been amazing. We on boarded students at noon on Friday August 17th and by that evening had students already signed up and sending us arrival forms. We are a very small team here at Sault College and I know I speak for us all in saying that this app has made such a difference in communicating with our new incoming students.
Rodolfo Torrezan from KPU international
Rodolfo Torrezan
Manager, International Recruitment, Admissions & Articulation, KPU
Since we started creating accounts for the students about three months ago, the app has been well received and we have been seeing good adherence. Students are actually using the app and submitting documents through it.
Isha Patel from Sheridan College
Isha Patel
Sheridan College
iCent app has proven to be extremely beneficial to me and I am sure to other international students as well, to gain at most information, pre and post arrival to Canada on various fields like transportation, banking, health insurance etc. In addition, the airport welcome coordinators that I first met upon arrival at YYZ Airport were very amiable and generous to resolve all my doubts and providing me the reliable information. A big Thank YOU to the iCent team for helping to shape of new beginnings in a new country.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate your institution software with iCent app
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